Ella Hutchinson

With Comfort Christian Counseling's Intensive, you will have the benefit of working with a married couple who has been where you are and found freedom.

We are a testimony to God's ability to heal a marriage when both parties are willing to do the work it takes.

Our couple's intensive is a period of three days where a couple dealing with sex addiction receives intense therapy, counsel, and direction from both Jeff Hutchinson, Certified Pastoral Sex Addiction Specialist (CPSAS), and Ella Hutchinson, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Clinical Sex Addiction Specialist (CCSAS).

We will dedicate this time to working with ONLY you and your spouse on issues and topics specific to your needs. These may include help on understanding sex addiction, understanding the trauma the spouse has suffered due to the addiction, helping uncover the origin of the addict’s addiction, recovery tools for the addict, finding healing for the spouse, beginning the path to forgiveness and trust, and finding healing for the marriage. There is a combination of individual and couple's counseling during the intensive. We take a partner-sensitive approach to treating the couple, as opposed to the addict-centric approach that is most prevalent today. 

Our Intensive is not for every couple. Learn more about our Couples Intensives Therapy, read our Intensive Frequently Asked Questions, and contact us for more information.

Couples Intensive Testimonials

"I was losing hope that my marriage could ever be restored. When I found out about my husband's sex addiction, I was angry, confused, and very hurt. I was ready to let go but a friend who went through an Intensive lead by Ella and Jeff encouraged me to give it a try. It was the best thing we have ever done for each other and our marriage! I cannot find the words to explain how much it changed our hearts and how hopeful my husband and I are about the future. Ella and Jeff helped us process our feelings and gave us tools to help us start rebuilding a better marriage. For any couple who wants to find healing from sex addiction, going through this Intensive is the best place to start."

- T.H.


"The Intensive was an amazing experience. It has changed my marriage and without Jeff and Ella I am not sure my wife and I would be so connected through all the difficultly of my sex addiction. The experience of the Intensive was comfortable and professional. The Intensive was one of the hardest things I have done being a sex addict for over 15 years. However, it was also one of the best experiences I ever had as well. Both Jeff and Ella were amazing. I have tried other programs and some of the"best" counselors in the past, failing to stay sober. Jeff and Ella's approach is like nothing I have experienced before. My wife and I have been able to mend the wounds and work towards a healthy marriage, putting God first."  

- K.M.

"My husband and I just recently had a couples Intensive with Ella and Jeff. I must say that though it was an emotional roller coaster of a couple days I left renewed, refreshed and hopeful.  I recall looking at my husband after the intensive and feeling more connected to him than I ever had been, even more so than on my wedding day.  I would highly recommend this to any couple that share in the same struggles as my husband and myself.  I feel as though I have been set free by the actions, counseling and tools that they provided us and though we have a long road ahead of us I can honestly say I am optimistic of the outcome.  Ella and Jeff truly provided me with a life changing experience.  Their tenderness, warmth, compassion and faith made the experience more at ease.  The entire process left me feeling energized and hopeful in a time when some may feel or believe all hope is lost.  I suppose the best I can say is do it for yourself…after all the damage has been done and there are wonderful people in the world like Ella and Jeff that can show you a new direction."

- C.M.