Ella Hutchinson, LPC-S, CSAT, CCSAS, CCPS

Marriage, Relationship & Sex Addiction Therapist

As I attended college in my early twenties, balancing being a wife and mother while working toward my aspiration of becoming a professional counselor, I thought I knew what pain was. In spite of being blessed with a beautiful little girl and a husband who I believed was my soul mate and best friend, I continued to struggle with debilitating depression that had tortured me on and off since I was fifteen. Without the support of my adoring husband, who was also the best father I'd ever known, I don't know that I would have been able to make it through school and achieve the goal I had set for myself at the age of sixteen.

After nine years of marriage I discovered there was a pain much deeper than anything I'd ever felt before. I remember thinking that I would have rather endured my husband dying in a tragic car accident than to find out he was a sex addict. It seemed everything in my life was a lie and I had nowhere to turn. I felt I had lost everything I thought I had. I was unaware how God would use this tragedy to help me, and many around me, grow like I never thought was possible.

As of May 2019, I have been married twenty years and have two amazing adult children, a 19-year-old daughter and 25-year-old step-son. My husband and I are both testimonies to what God can do when you turn to him. I use my personal experience, combined with my training as a professional counselor, to help other women who are struggling with situations similar to mine.

In my darkest moments, God brought people into my life who walked alongside me and showed me the hope that I could not yet see. I pray daily that God will continue to work with and through me so that I can help others the way I was helped.

I became a therapist in 2006, but never expected to be doing the kind of work I do today. Two years after my discovery I opened Comfort Christian Counseling, a private counseling practice in Katy, TX, just outside Houston. I am a Certified Clinical Sexual Addiction Specialist and in 2012 I became a board member of the International Association of Clinical Sexual Addiction Specialists. My husband is a Certified Pastoral Sex Addiction Specialist. We work together coaching couples struggling with this devastating addiction.

I encourage you to take the time to browse through the information on this site. For me, some of the best comfort, hope, and understanding came from the research I did on sex addiction, and on resources for wives of addicts.